Home Workout Routines To Stay Fit And Active During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Home Workout Routines To Stay Fit And Active During The Coronavirus Lockdown


If you’re here reading this article right now, you too have been running out of ideas to keep yourself motivated to workout in this crucial time, right? We ain’t a psychic but we can guess that being at home all cooped up is taking a serious toll on your physical and mental health, everything has come to a halt from partying with friends to leading a life that was called normal a couple of months ago. You are not alone on this abyss. Though you have no access to gyms or parks, look around and be creative with your workout during this lockdown. And today we are going to tell you exactly the same, how you can blow the dust off your body (that was too much of an exaggeration) and get ready to start an active day in this ‘new normal’ during coronavirus lockdown.

As easy as it sounds, being active and staying fit in quarantine might demand more motivation and consistency compared to your normal days. You must be thinking why? Because when you’re stuck at the comfort of your home, the comfort starts getting way more absorbing than your willingness to be physically active.

We are going to list down a few home workout routines that will help you to be active, stay fit and stick to your fitness goals. You don’t want to come out of quarantine with unwanted gains, right? We certainly don’t!


Jumping Jacks x 20

It’s a great cardio exercise that stimulates your heart muscles while effectively on your shoulder, abdominal, glutes and quadriceps. Fact: You can burn 100 calories by doing 500 jumping jacks in a day!

Push-ups x 15

Push-ups help to build your upper body strength while engaging your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. It also improves your body posture.

Burpees x 15

Burpees are a total win for a full-body workout, it pumps up your heart and stimulates movement of every muscle in your body. It also helps you to burn a lot of calories.

Squats x 20

Squats are popular as a leg toning workout but along with your butt and hamstrings, it also works on your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles.


Glute Bridge x 15

Sitting and working from home might make you feel like a sloth mentally and physically. This workout will work wonders for your hip stability and strengthens your lower back muscles. It also helps to strengthen your glutes, hamstring and abdominal muscles.

Jumping Squats x 15

Apart from burning excess calories and fats, jumping squats helps to strengthen your entire lower body along with your core and quadriceps.

Lunges x 15

Lunges are great for improving mobility and strengthening your lower body, core, spine, and quadriceps.

Pistol Squats x 10

Pistol squats are an advanced level of squats that puts intense tension on your core and lower body which helps to maintain mobility, balance, and flexibility. If these are too much for you, try doing 3-4 and you will get a hang of it till this chaos ends.


Push-ups x 10

The most popular exercise to build upper body strength while stimulating various muscles from the core to the back muscles, you must focus on doing this in proper posture. 

Shoulder Taps x 20

Shoulder taps are really efficient if you’re aiming at defining your abs. It also helps to strengthen glutes, arms, shoulders, and core. 

Decline Push-ups x 10

This exercise focuses on building pectoral muscles and upper chest muscles, along with targeting your triceps, core and deltoid muscles. 

Triceps Dips x 20

A very simple yet effective exercise to active your tricep muscles – the triceps dips help to strengthen your shoulder and arms. 


Crunches x 20

A very popular exercise for abdominal muscles crunches also helps to strengthen your obliques and lower back muscles. 

Bicycle Crunches x 20

The bicycle crunch is a great exercise to strengthen your core muscles, activating obliques and burning loads of calories. 

Boat Hold For 60 Seconds

This is the simplest looking exercise which is pretty deceiving. It works on various muscles and helps to strengthen your lower back, abdominal muscles and spine. It also stimulates your kidney and intestine. 

Flutter kicks x 20

This exercise is great for abs sculpting, reducing fats, toning your lower body and improving the overall endurance of the body. 

You can do 3 to 4 sets of the above mentioned sets as per your body capacity but we suggest you keep challenging your body by practicing it every day and increasing one more round. Do this workout at home this quarantine, you can record yourself while doing these workouts and tag @gympik on Instagram for a feature on our page. Let’s aspire to inspire! 



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