Exclusive National Prayer Coin

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As long as there is something unknown to humanity, we would continue to have faith in God. In a way, having faith in God saves us out of mysterious circumstances. Prayer helps human beings and nations in overcoming challenges and assist them win even under adverse circumstances. Free National Prayer Coin Gold coin can now help all the Americans to pray and not loose development and success of their state.

The patriot national coin is similar to a guide, The 13 Trump Cyrus Bundle that explains 13 sets of coins, which is bought by Americans as part of prayer service. It has references of Donald Trump and the DVD of Wallanau and the former Persian King holding a religious service. Buying such religious objects is norm for people who are devout Christians.

Wallanau, in 2016 presidential campaign claimed that he received the God’s gospel, reportedly to assert his political correctness. Later he was noticed by Trump’s supporters and was invited to meet Donald Trump in the presence of other evangelical leaders at the Trump Tower. National patriat coins can be considered as insignias the way Christians consider candles, crosses, and holy water.

The benefits of National Prayer Coin

  • You can show support to Donald Trump by having this coin
  • Connect deeply with God
  • The coin helps individuals pray continuously for Donald Trump
  • Trump is believed to rule over the United States through the coin
  • The coin will help become Christian state by freeing it up from secular force
  • The coin will empower people with spiritual powers to elect a God-anointed leader

Why you should buy the National Prayer Coin from us?

  • It will act as a reminder to pray without ceasing for the Nation
  • Its actual value is $39.99 but with us it is totally FREE
  • Gift this PERFECT memorabilia to other Christian American Patriots
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Free National Gold Coin is more than important to citizens who have faith in Trump’s leadership. If you think Trump makes for an ideal leader, you need to purchase this coin. It will help you connect with God and thereby change your life. If you have this coin God will answer your prayers and get Trump elected as President. So, quickly grab one for yourself before it get expensive.