Fight Gout :: Frank Mangano

Fight Gout :: Frank Mangano

Product Name: Fight Gout :: Frank Mangano


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“Who Else Is
Ready To Erase Every Element Of Gout AND Joint Pain Within
Them Once And For All So They Can Live Pain Free And Happy Forever?”

“Finally, A Resource Designed To Combat Joint Pain And Gout
Safely, Naturally And Most Of All Effectively Without The Use Of Any
Harmful Drugs Or Surgery…”

“The Time Has Come To Join The Crowds Of People Who Are Now Living
Life Free Of The Gout That Once Ruled Their World!”

Have you been living with the pain and discomfort of gout and don’t know what else you can do to solve this problem other than resorting to prescription medications that usually have harmful side effects?

Are you uncomfortable with the fact that your doctor told you that the only option you have is to take medication for the rest of your life?

Are you in search of a better, more effective and safer way to treat this joy-robbing problem but have no idea where to start or who to trust?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions then you have arrived at the right place because what you’re about to see here will drastically change the way you are currently living and how gout is affecting your life…

My name is Frank Mangano and a few years back my mom was diagnosed with high cholesterol.

Upon getting her diagnosis, the doctor also gave here a few prescriptions for some medications and told her to get to the pharmacy ASAP to get them filled.

When she asked if there was any other alternative to treating this problem with the use of prescription drugs, the doctor simply replied “no”.

My mom was completely distraught. She knew very well of the harmful side effects that certain drugs bring with them and didn’t want to put herself at risk.

At the same time, she felt that because her doctor said she had no other choice, she was jeopardizing her health by not treating the problem the way she was instructed to do so by a medical professional.

I knew there had to be another way.

Ever Since I Was A Kid, Drugs And Medications Scared The Life Out Of Me…I Remember Always Thinking “If Nature Could Create A Problem, There Must Be A Way For Nature To Solve It…”

As a young teenager, I began researching different ways to treat small ailments like the common cold or a sore throat or an earache without using any type of medication; either prescribed or over the counter.

After some trial and error, which included knowing what sources to turn to, the quality of the sources and how my body would react to certain things, I finally figured out how to rid myself of these types of ailments safely and naturally using alternative methods.

So when my mom told me that her doctor said her only choice was begin using prescription meds, I knew he was either lying or just had no idea about what he was talking about.

I know, it’s hard to believe that a medical doctor with over 10 years of schooling could not know what he or she is talking about but I assure it’s very true in certain cases…

You see, while medical doctors do indeed have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to the human anatomy and how it responds to certain drugs, they don’t know very much about how it responds to natural substances.

And even the one’s who are aware of the benefits of natural healing choose to ignore the them simply because they have invested so much of their life learning about the methods in which prescription medications work.

I mean let’s face it. If you invested years of your life learning about the mechanisms by which a certain thing works and even worked so hard as to obtain a license to prescribe it, you would probably be a little hesitant to start giving people other options too.

And let’s not forget, prescription medications (for the most part) do in fact work and will resolve most problems. The issue lies in the side effects and long term risk that one can put there body under when using them.

Doctors are people of science. They are fascinated by chemistry, biology and things of that nature. In that world, everything is black and white. In other words, there is no room for debate when it comes to the science behind something.

One cannot argue that water is made up of something besides h20. One cannot argue the laws of gravity. And in the mind of most doctors, the side effects that come with prescription drugs are just a “part of the process” so to speak and in most cases are ignored in lieu of the healing benefits that they provide.

For Me, That Just Simply Isn’t Good Enough. If I Have A Medical Problem That I Want To Remedy, It’s Because I Care About My Health…Therefore, I’m Not Going To Jeopardize It In Some Other Way Or Bring On A Whole New Set Of Problems Just To Fix The Initial One…

Instead, I’d rather take the time to find a natural remedy that will get me 100 hundred percent healthy again as opposed to being 100 percent healthy in one area and then becoming less healthy in others.

Now even though I knew in my heart that that there was a natural way to solve my mom’s problem, I also knew that it would involve a lot more than what it takes to simply treat a sore throat or a cold.

And so my journey began. I started trying to get my hands on as much information as I possibly could regarding lowering cholesterol using alternative methods.

I researched medical journals, articles … and began developing a system consisting of safe, natural methods to lower cholesterol and the system was so effective that by my calculations, it would be able to do so in 60 days or less.

I Called It “The Mangano Method…”

That system eventually transformed into a best-selling life changing e-book called 60 Days To Lower Cholesterol. But more importantly, it spring boarded my passion, enthusiasm and burning desire to repeat this process over and over again by finding ways to treat all different types of ailments, diseases and conditions using alternative methods.

Today I am proud to say I make my living by educating people on how they can regain their health and cure themselves of any health issue using safe, natural methods.

Now make no mistake, I’m not calling myself an “expert” or a “guru” because that’s what I see countless people (particularly on the internet) doing.

All you need to do is a type a few words on your search engine and you will find millions of so called experts with a product to sell claiming it will be the answer to all of your problems. That is not in any way, shape or form what this is about.

I’m considered to be more a consumer health advocate.

You See, I Want To Not Only Show People Everything They Need To Know About Obtaining Optimal Health Safely And Naturally But I Also Want To Show You Where You Can Get The Resources That Are Most Effective…

In other words, not all resources are created equal. For example, most people know that Omega 3 fatty acids yield many health benefits.

But that’s only half of the equation, because there are plenty of manufactures of omega 3’s that are not effective and don’t showcase many health benefits because the potency is subpar and/or it they contain fillers, which aren’t healthy.

My mission is to not only educate people about what works but also about where to get the highest possible quality of what works.

In January of this year, I decided that part of mission for 2012 would include addressing specific health issues that many people all over the world are suffering from in huge numbers and provide in-depth, comprehensive, safe and effective systems that people can use to treat them.

In a nutshell, I want to create a ‘Mangano Method’ for as many diseases, ailments and conditions as humanly possible.

Without question, Gout is up there with some of the highest. In fact, an estimated
3 million people are suffering from gout as of 2005.

And That’s Why I decided To Collaborate With My Research team And Develop A powerful System To Treat Gout And Relieve The Symptoms using Alternative Methods With No Prescription Medications Whatsoever…

Together, my entire research team and I have invested the same amount of energy, work and dedication that I have put forward in developing a “Mangano Method” for anything including how to lower blood pressure naturally (The Blood Pressure Miracle), reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease (The Mind Killer
Defense),  lowering cholesterol (The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol
Cure) and what we’ve done is creating something just as effective for Gout.

Introducing The Mangano Method: An All-Natural Approach To Fight Gout

Let’s take a closer look at what you will discover within the pages of this life-changing information included here:

Gout 101 – Here you’ll learn exactly what gout is so you can identify, treat and rid yourself of it once and for all.

Uric Acid And Your Body – Here you’ll learn about the role that uric acid plays in gout so you can address it and use it for find relief.

Gout And Your Life – Here we’ll cover the basics and how gout can affect you and the one’s you love.

Leveraging The Doctor – Here I’ll show you how to use a medical professional’s knowledge to your advantage without being mislead.

The Gouty Eleven – Here you’ll discover the eleven most contributing factors to getting gout so you can avoid further problems.

Identifying Gout – The first step in defense is recognition. Here you’ll get a brief introduction to how to identify our gout.

Eight Common Symptoms of Gout – Here you’ll learn about the symptoms of gout so you don’t mistake it for anything else.

Gout Testing – Learn the three most effective ways to test for Gout.

The Gouty Beverage – Here you’ll learn about one beverage that when consumed just once per day on average nearly doubles your risk of gout.

The First Essential Step – Discover the first critical step in combating your gout and why it’s so important to not skip this part.

Four Steps To Avoid Muscular Degeneration – Here I’ll show you the four specific effective and easy ways to keep your muscles healthy and strong.

Finding New Energy Daily – Discover an effortless and relaxing way to re-energize each day.

What Drugs To Avoid And Why – Here you’ll learn about the list of drugs that you should never attempt to treat gout with and the nasty side effects that come with them.                                                   

The Miracle Supplement to Keep Uric Acid Levels Low – Here you’ll discover the critical role that one simple supplement taken each day will play in drastically the levels of uric acid in the body.

Combating Gout – This supplement which can be found in delicious pineapple can be used during an attack or as a prophylactic to reduce the frequency and intensity of gout.

Decreasing Inflammation – Here I’ll show you a vitamin that can not only decrease inflammation but also protect against joint damage that can be caused by gout.

The Magical Ingredient –  Here you’ll discover something that will not only play a key role in your cooking but it’s benefits include being an anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, shown to fight cancer, has tons of omega 3 fatty acids, keeps blood pressure low and can even protect from DNA damage

A Delicious Treat That Tops The Charts In Fighting Gout – Here you’ll learn about a delicious fruit that was shown to drop blood vessel inflammation by almost 50 percent in lab rats during one University of Michigan study.  

Seasoning For Health – Here I’ll show a tasty seasoning for your food that is widely trusted and has been used for thousands of years and is a powerful anti-inflammatory, can help treat gout and pain associated with it, is a strong antioxidant with a high ORAC value, is widely trusted and has been used for thousands of years, and can may prevent some forms of cancer and help treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Clawing Your Gout – Here I’ll introduce you to a mineral that is both a strong anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant that can help fight cancer, treat arthritis and may even be effective against numerous diseases such as HIV and Crohn’s disease.

Kicking Up Your Food – Here you’ll learn about a special ingredient that will give your recipes a good kick that it needs while also serving as a natural pain killer.

What you have before you is everything you could possibly need on educating yourself about what gout is and more importantly, how to effectively treat and defend against it.

Simply put, you don’t have to live with gout anymore.

You can move on and regain your health safely and naturally without having to worry about any harmful side effects.

And to further equip you with what you need to achieve optimal health, I’m going to include the following bonuses absolutely free!

“Fat Loss Revealed Report: An All-Natural Approach To Lose Weight Naturally”

Inside this 30 page report you’ll discover:

“Top 10 “Superfoods””

Super Foods – A 14 page PDF e-book, which details the Top 10 most important foods you can ever eat! By Fitness Expert Jon Benson and David Eller.

“The Best Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure,
Reduce Your Waistline and Take Back Your Health
Author’s: Frank Mangano and Tom Venuto”

When you put together a natural health and hypertension expert like Frank Mangano with a natural fitness and weight loss expert like Tom Venuto and you listen to what they have to say, you can learn some amazing things about improving your health, reducing your blood pressure and getting your body into great shape. In this revealing and exclusive interview, which has been painstakingly transcribed and complied into a 38 page PDF e-book, you will learn:

This 3-part interview has so much incredible and shocking information that can help you become healthier and get a slimmer waistline, that it could easily be the most important report you read all year!

“Tinnitus Resolved Report”

Inside this 30 page report you’ll discover:

“So how much is this going to cost me Frank?”

That’s the question that you’re probably asking yourself right now.

Well let’s put it this way; what you are getting here is a body of knowledge that truly will change the way you are living right now. Is that something you could even put a price tag on?

And that’s assuming you have health insurance to cover some of the cost.

Even at that price, “Fight Gout” is a great value because it’s a one time payment that you will never have to repeat again.

But remember, my goal here is reach as many people as possible with this powerful information. And to do that, I must make it as affordable as possible.

So I began thinking to myself “what are some things that most people can generally afford?”

Things like cable TV service, a cell phone and perhaps even a fancy dinner once a month are things that most people generally find a way to pay for each month.

Add in all of the great bonuses and what you have is a truly outstanding value!

But wait, I’m going to make this offer even better by allowing you to try “Fight Gout” for a full 8 weeks absolutely risk free.

So let me ask you, are you ready to “Fight Gout” safely and naturally?

Are you ready to regain your health and piece of mind?

If so, then don’t waste any more time.

In less than 30 seconds, you can have the most effective resource for treating gout without harmful medications at your finger tips.

I agree to the

Medical Disclaimer

To Your Health,

Frank Mangano

P.S. Remember, you have nothing to lose except the gout that is bringing you pain because you can try my system for a full 8 weeks and if you are not satisfied for any reason, I’ll buy it back from you.

P.P.S. You don’t have to live with gout and prescription meds are not your only option. Find out how effective this system truly is.

If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, Contact Us or Call us. (718) 833-5255


Click here to get Fight Gout :: Frank Mangano at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Fight Gout :: Frank Mangano is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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