Virat Kohli turns 31: Shares his Fitness & Diet Secrets

Virat Kohli turns 31: Shares his Fitness & Diet Secrets


The aggressive batsman, the King of ODI records and the Indian Test Captain, Virat Kohli turned 31 on 5th November and the internet fraternity can’t stop pouring their good wishes for this tough and versatile cricketer. Apart from being one of the most gifted cricketers, Kohli is a man of an amazing heart and we can’t stop drooling over his thoughtful letter to his “15 years old self” that he posted on his Twitter handle. Kohli, has left no stone unturned to make his presence strong in Indian Cricket team and he’s worked equally hard on his fitness and sports to emerge as a better performer every single time. This right-handed Indian batsman, Run Machine as he’s fondly called, is a dedicated sportsperson who never lets any hindrance between him and cricket survive for long.

A hard-core fitness enthusiast, that he is, Virat Kohli’s fitness regime can give any celebrity a run for their money. His fitness regimen, diet and lifestyle are enough to give you a lifetime of fitness goals. Though he missed the first three matches in this IPL season, his comeback was no less than enthroning to power; his performance in the field stands evidence to the fact that he has shunned the adversities and regained his strength and flexibility back. What a comeback you say! If you can’t resist to know what he did to emerge as a stronger and fitter version of himself, we’ll not keep you waiting more to fill your heart with more anxiousness. Here is what this bearded dude’s fitness regime and diet plan look like.

Virat’s Fitness regime and Diet Plan

Cardio & Weight Training:

Hitting the gym five days a week is a ritual that Virat follows. His workout regime is a combination of cardio exercises and weight training. While cardio assists him boost his stamina, endurance and strength, weight training helps him build lean muscles, sculpt and tone his body. He is a true believer of the awesome effects of weight lifting, snatching, clean presses and dead lifting. As Kohli said in one of his interviews, he focuses mostly on his leg workouts that can give him enough explosive power during the match and hence, his workout includes a crazy number of squats (nearly 100 squats in a session).

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Eat what you like, like what you eat:

Virat is a huge fan of home cooked food! The ostentation of junk foods and fast foods could never lure him and hence, he follows neat eating habits not only satisfy his gut but also ensure enough calorie intake to maintain a healthy and fit body. As a seafood lover, Virat advocates good protein intake and enough consumption of omega 3 fatty acids that ensure muscle building, and no fat accumulation in the body. According to his childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma, Virat’s dedication to sports and restraint in food consumption is worth following, as he has completely taken out packaged beverages, carbs, oily and fatty foods from his diet. He believes in eating food in the right quantity that are easily digestible and hence, home cooked foods are his best picks. His munch time foods include dry fruits, wheat crackers and a cup of black coffee.

Using Training devices:

To recuperate the loss of stamina and strength, Virat has also been training with high-altitude mask or elevation mask (as we can see in his Instagram posts) that seems to make the workout efficient, conditions the lungs by making them work even harder and eventually, increases the levels of stamina, strength and energy. As his Instagram posts say, he also started using TechnoShape, a fitness device that targets fat cells around the midriff, improves core strength, blood circulation and increases metabolism.

Drink enough water:

Staying hydrated is the most important thing if one wants to maintain a fit and healthy body. Water increases immunity and energy in the body, flushes out toxins, promotes weight loss, improves digestive system and ensures proper functioning major organs. Mineral water is the best option one can opt for to ward off any water borne diseases or health problems.

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Virat’s dedication and commitment towards fitness and cricket is commendable and it’s not just for nothing that this Delhi born Punjabi munda has stolen millions of hearts! He worships cricket and we can’t stop drooling over his macho-man body and his ‘one-of-a-kind’ batting finesse! Now that, he is back with a bang, get ready to satiate your eyes watching him play and smash the haters’ territory with élan! Hit the like button if you found this article interesting and we will be back with more such articles for you. Till then, stay fit, stay happy!

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