Need To Unwind? These Top 5 Yoga Retreats In Goa Are Surely Soul Warming!

Need To Unwind? These Top 5 Yoga Retreats In Goa Are Surely Soul Warming!


Goa has much more to offer than what it is famous for, among the millennials, you all know what we are talking about. But thanks to the new wave of self-love that has washed down the cliché and introduced a generation that cares about their physical and mental well being. This bachelor paradise can now be your vacay to rejuvenate as yoga retreats in Goa are gaining popularity for their impeccable yoga classes amidst nature. Want to know more? Scroll down! 

These are the best 5 yoga retreats in Goa that define serenity and luxury in the most affordable prices: 

1. Purple Valley Yoga Retreat

Yoga Studio in Goa

Closer to the popular Anjuna beach, Purple Valley Yoga is like a heaven for people seeking for peace. Known for their popular Ashtanga yoga courses and Ayurveda massage treatments, this yoga retreat is a relaxing abode away from your city life.  

Bonus: Spend your meal time interacting with Yoga students from all over the world while relishing fresh vegetarian food and exotic fruits in an open terrace buffet area. End your day watching a movie under the stars.

Address: Purple Valley Yoga Retreat, 142 Bairo Alto, Assagao, Bardez, Goa, India. 

2. Bamboo Yoga Retreat 

Yoga Retreat in Goa

South Goa is known for its lush beauty and calm beaches, so if you’re the one looking for zero hustle this can be your favourite place in the country. Bamboo Yoga Retreat is located at the serene beach of Patnem with a breathtaking view. Promoting mental restoration and spiritual growth, this retreat has an open-air yoga-practising space with a view of the ocean which they call ‘Ocean Shalas’. Specializing in yoga programs like Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hatha, and many more, you can visit Bamboo Yoga for the short yoga classes or take a certified course to become a yoga teacher.

Bonus: Relax in a pool or at a poolside lounge in their garden or just have a relaxing spa day. They also have special therapists from Kerala for your rejuvenating treatments. P.S – The beach bungalows are a total delight.

Address: Bamboo Yoga Retreat Goa, Patnem Beach.

3. Ashiyana Yoga Resort Goa

Yoga Retreat in Goa

Ashiyana Yoga Goa translates to ‘home’ and this yoga retreat which is located amidst nature, closer to the Beach Mandrem in North Goa is an ultimate rejuvenation centre. You can come here to get yourself involved in holistic yoga programs, yoga shalas or take 200 hours of the intensive course to become a yoga training teacher. No matter what you choose, you’ll get guaranteed peace and the first-hand experience of nature’s soothing rhythm.

Bonus: Ashiyana yoga retreat is built like a sanctuary with natural pool, luxury huts and allows you to take services like spas, ayurvedic treatments, panchakarma detox, and many more.

Address: Ashiyana Yoga Retreat Village, Junas Waddo, Mandrem, Goa.

4. Banyan Tree Yoga, Mandrem

Yoga Retreat in Goa

Banyan tree yoga retreat is defined by these four words – yoga, nature, tranquillity, and simplicity. Built near an ancient banyan tree with sustainable material this yoga retreat is organic heaven right from the architecture to the food. They proudly offer the best yoga programs, Ayurveda treatments, organic nutritious food, and fun activities. 

Bonus: Learn Aqua yoga in their luxurious pool, experience the mesmerizing sunset meditations and relax your body with Thai body massage. Sounds like heaven? Definitely.

Address: Next to Bhumika Temple, Near Aswem Football Ground, Mandrem-Aswem Wado, Goa

5. The Beach House Goa

Yoga Retreat in Goa

We chose to mention the most unconventional one in the last. The Beach House, Colva is a luxury holistic wellness that takes both yoga and modern ailment into consideration while providing health facilities. They combine the goodness of Ayurveda, naturopathy and natural wellness to offer you a complete mind and body holistic therapies. Located at the Sernabatim beach of South Goa, this luxurious property has 15 beautiful rooms with a view of the beach and nature.

Bonus: While you let nature heal you, you can consult their experienced ayurvedic doctors, nutritionist, hypnotherapist and yoga teachers to open more doors of a spiritual journey for you.

Address: The Beach House Goa, Sernabatim Beach, Goa

Packing your bags already? Wait, share this article with your friends who’d like to experience Goa in the most spiritual way possible. And we hope you find the peace you’re seeking for. Namaste!


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