Lower Cholesterol Naturally with our Proven Method

Lower Cholesterol Naturally with our Proven Method

Product Name: Lower Cholesterol Naturally with our Proven Method


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Attention To Everyone Who Has High Cholesterol
Or Who Wants To Prevent High Cholesterol…

If you ever wanted to

lower your high cholesterol without
high-priced prescriptions, or harmful drugs riddled with
side effects, then this will most definitely be the most significant
letter you read in your entire life.

My name is Frank Mangano
and I’ve discovered a method to lowering your high cholesterol
in an all-natural way. Using my ‘Mangano’ method, you can lower
your high cholesterol…and do it naturally.

High cholesterol is a threat
to a healthy heart. This is as serious of a health concern as
you can possibly have.


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And it happens to millions
of Americans each year. You go to your doctor for a regular
checkup which includes a blood test. You think nothing of it,
until your doctor calls you and gives you the results of the
blood test, which include a diagnosis of “high cholesterol.”

About 42 Million American Adults Have Cholesterol Levels
of 240 or Above Which Is Considered High Risk.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance
that is made by the liver and is also supplied in the diet through
animal products such as meats, poultry, fish and dairy products.
However, the body makes enough cholesterol, so any dietary cholesterol
isn’t needed. Cholesterol is needed in the body to insulate
nerves, make cell membranes and produce certain hormones.

So you see, cholesterol
is essential for certain functions in your body. However, at
high levels cholesterol can become a risk factor for many serious
health problems. I repeat many serious health risks are involved
from having an excessive level of cholesterol in the blood.
These risks shouldn’t be taken lightly as high levels of LDL
cholesterol greatly increase the risk of stroke, atherosclerosis,
and coronary heart disease. Bad cholesterol can be inherited
or a result of your body chemistry.

When diagnosed with high
cholesterol doctors often prescribe drugs known as statins,
or prescription strength cholesterol lowering drugs. Statins,
although sometimes necessary, can also produce some unwanted
and very serious side effects including but not limited to the

Rhabdomyolysis (muscle-destroying

Muscle Weakness And

Decreased Sexual Interest
Or Ability

Statin drugs deplete the body of Coenzyme Q10 – an essential
nutrient our bodies make that is required for energy.

Yikes! I don’t know about
you but that doesn’t sound too pleasant to me!

What if you could lower
your high cholesterol safely, WITHOUT the use of prescription
drugs and WITHOUT unwanted side effects?

Well, the good news is
you can and I’m going to take you by the hand and show you how! 

The 60 Day Prescription
Free Cholesterol Cure is jam packed with 143 pages
(updated September 2010) that
will arm you with the defense you need to win the war against
high cholesterol!

You’ll Discover:

How to
safely lower your high cholesterol
without the use of prescription drugs!

inexpensive nutritional supplement
that dissolves cholesterol like artery detergent
and works just like prescription meds but
WITHOUT the unwanted side effects!  

The substance
that binds with cholesterol in
the intestine and ushers it out of your body!  

The herb
that holds outstanding cholesterol-lowering
properties that you can find in any health food
store. This herb has the ability to lower LDL
cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol at the
same time! 

How to
stop the oxidizing of your cholesterol
by taking three important supplements!  

The “good
for you” fat that will help lower
LDL cholesterol!

The antioxidant
that is the first line of defense
against heart disease! 

The vitamin
that is as effective as any cholesterol-lowering
drug on the market! 

values, optimal readings and guidelines. 

level classifications. 

risks when using statins. 

The mineral
that is essential for a healthy
immune system and a healthy cholesterol level! 

The tasty
food enhancer that can work wonders
for your cholesterol and triglyceride levels
as well as your health! 

The 60
day plan to prescription free cholesterol health! 

Much, much

What Makes The
60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure So Exciting And Powerful
Is That it Gives You The Power To…

Lower cholesterol naturally.
My program will provide you with the knowledge you need
to achieve optimum cholesterol health WITHOUT statin

Maintain healthy
cholesterol levels. Not only is it important
to achieve optimum cholesterol health but it’s also equally
as important to maintain it. My program will show you exactly
how to do just that.

Who I Am And Why You Should
Listen to Me?

I’ve discovered a proven
method to lowering your high cholesterol in an all-natural way.
Using my ‘Mangano’ method, you can lower high cholesterol…and
do it naturally.

Now realize this – I’m
not a doctor and I don’t claim to be one. However, I am a hardcore
researcher when it comes to finding solutions for people, especially
those close to me.

It all started with my
mother. She had high cholesterol. Since she didn’t want to begin
taking a statin, or prescription strength cholesterol lowering
drug due to her fear of side effects, she turned to me for help.
I buried my nose in all the medical books, reports, and articles
I could find to discover a way for her to lower her cholesterol.

And the hard work paid
off. What I gave my mother was a plan based on hard science
that allowed her to lower her cholesterol without drugs. Her
cholesterol dropped 40 points with my all-natural system. This
kind of result normally leaves doctors slack-jawed at the amazing

Wanting to help more people,
I wrote the top-selling e-book on it called,
“The 60 Day Prescription-Free
Cholesterol Cure.” This e-book is now helping crowds
of people in 17 countries around the world to lower their cholesterol

I can confidently say that
I can probably tell you more about high cholesterol than your
doctor. My team of researchers and myself have done INTENSIVE,
EXHAUSTIVE research to bring you only the facts based
on science. No stone has been left unturned.

Why You are
Unlikely to Get This Information Anywhere Else

Here’s why what I’ve discovered
won’t (or can’t) be found anywhere else – Listen up…you probably
could find all this same information as long as you were willing
to spend endless hours…living and researching in the library…to
recreate what I’ve put together in my unique ‘Mangano’ method.
But you’d have to be insane to want to do that, especially when
I’ve already done it for you.

Putting together all these
techniques for lowering your cholesterol is like finding numerous
needles in a haystack. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to have to
do this.

Your doctor will never
tell you these secrets. Simply put…they can’t teach you what
they don’t know. They can’t recommend something that they don’t

They know that for almost
every ailment, they can write a prescription for some drug that
the greedy pharmacy companies are peddling now. It’s not their
fault. It’s how they’re trained in med school.

You want to know something
that I find humorous and disturbing at the same time? I am widely
regarded as the #1 ‘enemy’ of the monster drug-making companies
because I’m a died-in-the-wool outsider who wants to show people
such as yourself how to lower cholesterol naturally.

Hey, if you get the same
result of dropping your cholesterol without having to buy their
overpriced drugs with harmful side effects, it breaks their
lock on the market and pisses them off to no end.

This electronic manual
is the publication that pharmaceutical company executives wish
would go away. They wish it never existed. They get spittin’
mad at the sheer thought that someone like YOU now has
another alternative to being handcuffed to their drug

Here’s the deal with prescription
drugs and cholesterol – Yes, they do work.

Pay close attention
here – Bear in mind that you have to buy the drugs forever
and take them continuously or else you’ll have high cholesterol
again. This means that you’re like a rat running on the endless
treadmill for the pharmaceutical companies.

If you listen carefully,
can’t you just hear the drug company big shots laughing all
the way to the bank? Imagine how much money you’ll save on prescription
drug costs alone.

You also have to deal with
the possibility of experiencing unpleasant, sometimes very serious
side effects which may even cause more health problems.

Well, I’m sick and tired
of it. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.
If there’s a way to “stick it” to the big drug companies and
lower your cholesterol at the same time in a totally natural
way, then it’s high time to celebrate.

Get excited my friend because
that time is now. And it’s the ‘Mangano method’ that
I’ve put in this electronic manual (e-manual).
You can lower your
cholesterol in an all-natural way with my exclusive

Another thing…if you want
to prevent high cholesterol you can do that too using the ‘Mangano’

Here’s What Others
Are Saying

“I find that The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol
Cure by Frank Mangano has been an invaluable help
in my quest to lower my cholesterol. This book is
a comprehensive guide to all that can effect, control
or hurt a person’s cardiac health through cholesterol
and all its aspects.

I highly recommend reading this book and following
all the information in it that is pertinent to your
situation. As someone with multiple, irreversible,
ongoing health problems and limited resources to
help myself this has been a monumental help.

Gloria Gabrysch

“As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I work with many
patients who need to lower their cholesterol. I
am opposed to unnecessary medications and Frank’s
book, The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure,
is exactly what I needed to get these clients back
on track.

I recommend it constantly because it works. Thank
you, Frank, you are a life-saver!”

Steve G. Jones,
Clinical Hypnotherapist


I want to thank you and congratulate you for
writing such an excellent, comprehensive book…
Every page was an eye-opening experience.

I always considered myself healthy. I try to
eat right, exercise and do everything else that
we are told is good for us. But I learned a shocking
truth – something many people do not know…. High
cholesterol does not discriminate. It affects a
wide variety of people – regardless of age, diet,
health, etc. You can have it and experience absolutely
NO visible symptoms. But inside, high-cholesterol
is a ticking bomb ready to wreak havoc.

Unlike a lot of health books, your book presented
the facts in easy-to-understand language… It detailed
which points I should discuss with my doctor and
which changes I should make in my life to improve
my health and keep my cholesterol in check.

Your book provides such an abundance of useful
information, in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format.
Hell, you even give me a 60-day blueprint for lowering
my cholesterol so I do not have to spend my valuable
time figuring out what to do next. That alone makes
your book more than worth its extremely affordable

I cannot thank you enough for arming me with
the information I never knew I needed to live a
long, healthy low-cholesterol life!”

Thanks Again!
Paul Heldt


Your ebook, “The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol
Cure,” is one of the clearest, easiest to read ebooks
on this topic I’ve ever seen. It’s great not to
have to wade through tons of technical stuff to
get to the nitty gritty how-to- do-it.

I’ve been trying to get my spouse off statins
ever since he nearly collapsed from not getting
the CoQ10 that statins destroy. To say that your
ebook is going to help in my efforts would be a
huge understatement.”

Sandi Bowman


“This is straight to the point information that
I have not seen anywhere else.

With Frank’s simple approach, anyone can knockout
their high cholesterol quickly and more importantly
without the use of drugs that may have disastrous
side effects. It’s definitely worth the investment.”

Kent Sayre


Your book is absolutely fantastic. I was amazed
at the depth of information that you went into without
any of it going over the top of my head.

Your easy to follow perscription free ways to
lower cholesterol is very motivating, it was just
what I needed. I found your tips on making excercise
as painless as possible a life saver.

Thank you for writing this excellent book and
for adding many years to my life.”


Paul Kleinmeulman


Your Mind To Improve Cholesterol

Fortunately, there
are several things that you can do to
help improve your cholesterol and hypnotherapy
will help you make these changes in
your life. This powerful hypnosis session
will help you eat right, exercise, lose
weight, and cut back on smoking (if
you smoke). Your subconscious mind is
capable of achieving great things and
hypnosis will help you lower your cholesterol!

We suggest your listen to the recording
for 3 weeks every night before going
to bed. Studies have shown that you
can lower your cholesterol in as little
as three weeks. If you wish to continue
improving your cholesterol after the
initial 3 weeks, then we encourage you
to continue listening to the Improve
your Cholesterol self-hypnosis recording.

lifetime updates to my program.

I’m constantly adding the latest information to my program and
you won’t have to pay a dime to get it! I’m always on
the lookout for new, late-breaking, cholesterol information
and you’ll receive every update for FREE.

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Doctors” by Jon Barron.
This amazing, 177 page step-by-step guide will teach you how
to achieve optimum health and find relief from Illness.

  How Your Shower May Be
Hazardous To Your Health
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The Truth Above Vaccines by Frank
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  Are Artificial
Sweeteners Safe by Frank
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artificial sweetener in your next cup of coffee.


Milk Myths Exposed
by Frank Mangano.
This report will

cut through the myths, lies, and shenanigans of the milk

The Top 10 Superfoods by Jon Benson.
This report will reveal the 10 most important foods you can
ever eat.

If you or a loved one has
high cholesterol and is thinking of using prescription strength
drugs than I urge you to try my program first, RISK-FREE, for
eight weeks.

For less than the price
of a doctor visit, you’ll finally learn the FACTS on
cholesterol and how to SAFELY bring it down to optimum
level. Let me show you the alternative path to lower cholesterol
and overall better health WITHOUT using a prescription.

My No-Risk, No-Hassle, Eight Week, Unconditional Money
Back Guarantee:

Don’t Decide Now. Try My “Electronic Manual” Out For
A Full 60 Days. If You Haven’t Lowered Your Cholesterol
To Exactly Where You Want It, Then Just Let Me Know
Within Eight Weeks Of Your Purchase Date And I’ll Promptly
Issue You A Full, No Questions Asked, Refund. All The
Risk Has Now Vanished Because I’m The One Taking The
Chance Here. Fair Enough?

Frank Mangano
Author, The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure

Act now and you will
be downloading and reading this incredible electronic manual
within just a few minutes and using it to lower your cholesterol
drug free!

Frank Manganoo
Author & Researcher

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for my FREE
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Click here to get Lower Cholesterol Naturally with our Proven Method at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally with our Proven Method is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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