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Anointed Nutrition Smile

Product Name: Anointed Nutrition Smile


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…All without any embarrassing trips to my doctor, dangerous pills and their
horrible side effects, or constant worry the pills would stop working and send me spiraling back to that
dark place.

And the best part is, I discovered those constant blues weren’t my fault. I realized
there wasn’t anything wrong with me…

…That my constant worries and feelings of sadness were the result of a simple
imbalance I can correct easily and NATURALLY in just a few seconds a day!

…That my constant worries and feelings of sadness were the result of a simple
imbalance I can correct easily and NATURALLY in just a few seconds a day!

That terrible night is still crystal-clear in my mind.I don’t think I’ll ever be
able to forget it… though I wish I could…

That terrible night is still crystal-clear in my mind. I don’t think I’ll ever be
able to forget it… though I wish I could…

“Daddy, why is mommy so sad?”There I was, frozen just
outside my daughter’s bedroom door.I had just been about to join my husband Seth in
tucking her in for the night… But her question to her daddy about me hit me like a
gut punch, stopping me cold. I could hear the fear and worry in my daughter
Mary’s voice, and it ripped my heart in two.

Then, her next question I overheard really knocked the breath from me –

“If I pray really hard, do you think God will make her happy again?”

Tears filled my eyes… because I’ve been praying for the same thing
night after night for the past several months.Yet there are still those mornings
when I wake up staring at the ceiling, sadness sitting like a giant rock inside my
chest.I don’t want to feel this way.In fact, I shouldn’t
feel this way! I have a wonderful husband, three beautiful children and a lovely
home… But before where these things brought me such vivid joy, this
sadness now feels like it’s painting my world a dull gray…

And now my blues are stealing my precious daughter’s happiness.I
know this has to stop. But I have no idea how to make that happen.

As a licensed pastor, I’ve heard many stories like Jean’s…
People who are struggling to find a way out of the darkness of stress and deep
sadness… and who have become aware of how their pain is causing those they love to suffer, too.
People who come to me tend to tell me their deepest, darkest secrets, looking for comfort
and guidance. And I’m usually able to offer it. But in the past year or so
I’ve noticed something.  I don’t know if it’s because of the chaos
brought on by politics… or the lockdowns that have forced us to separate from our loved ones for
months at a time… But lately, more and more of my congregants have been struggling
with increased levels of sadness and a loss of hope… And since they’ve
been trying absolutely everything to relieve it — prayer, exercise, diet, and even more
extreme treatments — but still something is missing…

I was having a tough time advising them on what to do next.God has called me to
help people, so I wasn’t about to give up on them.And after a journey that took me
from the workings of the divinely created human brain all the way to the cutting edge of God-gifted

One that instead of relying on certain therapies that often bring with
them high costs and not enough relief… uses a natural ingredient from the plains of South Africa…

One that tribesmen have used for thousands of years through every kind of
grueling hardship… An easy practice that gives your brain and body exactly
what they need to support a positive, healthy mood… And restores that joy and
passion for all of life’s rich, God-given gifts. This powerful natural
solution is available to anyone struggling with periodic sadness or low mood…
No matter how old you are or what your life’s circumstances are…

My search for this solution began several months ago, when I was listening to Jean describe
her recent struggles with what she called her “personal black cloud.” She had
tears in her eyes as she told me about her daughter Mary’s desperate question.

“I thought I was doing such a good job hiding it from her,” Jean told me.
“Every morning I make sure to greet my children with a big smile and a hug…
even on those days I have to swallow down that stone of sadness to do it.” “I
push myself to feed them and teach them, play with them and pray with them.”
“But even when the sun is at its brightest and my kids are at their
happiest…” “There are times when my personal sadness is there, casting
shadows over all the joy I see before me.” “I find myself bursting into tears at
random moments, and I have to duck my head or race to the bathroom to make sure the children don’t
see.” “And there have been days when I go to sleep early and wake up late,
dreading the moment I have to get out of bed.” “My husband has been at a loss.
He wants to help me, but he doesn’t know how.” “He does everything he can
to support me, but I can tell how much anguish my sadness is causing him.” A tear
trickled down Jean’s cheek. “It makes absolutely no sense,” she said. “I have
everything I ever wanted… everything I ever prayed for.”

“Why am I so miserable lately?” I gently asked Jean if she had seen
a doctor about this.
“Yes,” she said. “She sent me to a counselor, and they gave me the usual
“But I had already tried these things and while they made me feel a little bit better,
they couldn’t help me escape the blue mood I sometimes get stuck in.”

Jean started to cry. “Pastor Adam, I’ve tried everything,” she sobbed.
“I exercise. I eat a healthy diet. I’m outside with my kids all the time, so I get plenty of
sunshine. And I pray faithfully.”
“I don’t know what else I can do.”

Jean’s pain touched my heart. I wanted to tell her it was going to be okay, and
that I would pray for her, but I knew how hollow those words might seem. So instead I said

“Jean, I’m going to do whatever I can to help you.”
“It may take some time, but I’m going to find an answer.”

That seemed to comfort Jean. She wiped her eyes and thanked me, and promised she would
keep praying and doing her best to hold on for her family. The very next day, I decided
it was time for me to do my own research to see if I could come up with a solution. As I
mentioned earlier, Jean wasn’t the only person I talked to who was having a problem with
periods of low mood these days.

And while their life circumstances were different, there were a few
things the stories I heard from these congregants had in common.

Can you relate to any of these? If so, don’t beat yourself
up… Because the truth is, modern life can be hard and stressful.
We’re all juggling a million things… our jobs… managing and maintaining
our homes and cars… caring for our spouses and children… volunteering for charities and
church duties… And with the current state of the world, we’re doing almost all
of these things at home rather than at our church, office, or school. Having the whole family at home 24
hours a day, 7 days a week for months at a time can be frustrating and exhausting.

We face all kinds of physical, mental, and spiritual challenges in our day-to-day lives…
It’s no wonder there are times we have trouble keeping our spirits up.
But most people are able to bounce back quickly. They have a rough moment or bad
day… then they say a prayer and go to sleep. And the next day, their mood rebounds and
they’re back on track. That certainly wasn’t happening with Jean and the others
who had come to me for advice.

They weren’t suffering from the usual off day or bad mood.
Their periods of sadness were dragging onfor weeks… even months… throwing
their daily routines out of whack and disrupting their lives.
And this didn’t appear to be something they could just fix with positive thinking
or a plucky attitude (though they certainly had tried).
They needed some added, effective support to regain that positive, healthy mood that was now
eluding them.Now I knew Jean and the others had already tried some things to
help with their occasional low mood… so I read up on them.

They didn’t want to talk… they wanted answers. It seemed
clear that Jean and the others needed support beyond these methods. Now it was time to find
some options they hadn’t tried. To do that, I turned to God’s miraculous world
of nature.

I had some experience with natural remedies, and I knew there were tons of nutrients from
plants and tiny creatures that could help provide healing nourishment to the body. Surely
there had to be at least one that could help my congregants with their troubles. It took a
lot of digging and a whole bunch of reading, but eventually I came across this fascinating little plant
from South Africa… Its scientific name is Sceletium tortuosum…

Kanna has been used in traditional medicine by South African tribesmen for thousands
of years. They would gather and dry the roots and stems of the plant, then chew them to gain
its effects. Whenever the tribe’s hunters and shepherds went on long journeys in dry
areas, they would use kanna to quell their hunger and thirst. They also discovered it helped
boost their energy and vitality.

In fact, a 17th century Dutch explorer who met these tribesmen said they
“were of a very cheerful nature” and attributed it to their consumption of kanna.

And many South Africans still use kanna today to balance their moods and
promote a sense of well-being. I knew I was on the right track, so I started to take
a closer look at this unique plant… And what I found was astonishing.
It turns out that kanna supports a positive, healthy mood… and can
also help relieve those anxious moments often experienced by those with periodic bouts of the

In one double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study — the gold standard of studies
— some healthy individuals were given kanna after taking a stress-inducing test. Their brains were
scanned before and after the test. The scans of those who were given kanna showed a decrease
in activity related to anxiety. And several participants reported feeling more calm, alert and confident
after taking the kanna. 4 In another double-blind, placebo-controlled study,
healthy participants taking kanna experienced reduced physical and psychological signs of stress and
anxiety when they took a simulated public speaking test. 5

At this point, I was really excited. Could this be the natural, God-given answer I had
been searching for? To get some confirmation, I consulted with my old friend Mark, who I
knew was one of the premier experts in natural ingredients and even makes ultra high-quality supplements
that most people have access to.

“I’m going to be completely honest with you, Adam.”
“There’s no doubt that kanna is a powerful ingredient. And it may
have even helped a few people with issues like Jean’s.”

I was stunned. The studies I had read all seemed so promising! But Mark told me
it wasn’t the kanna in those supplements that was the problem… It was how the
kanna was being delivered to the body. And that traditionally, the tribal members chewed it,
which activated the alkaloids and allowed it to be used by the body…

Mark explained that most kanna supplements — in fact, most supplements of any
kind — are pretty much worthless because of something called bioavailability .

Bioavailability refers to how much of a nutrient reaches the bloodstream, where it is
then absorbed by the body’s cells. If a nutrient can’t reach the bloodstream,
it’s of no use to the body. Mark went on to say that if a drug or nutrient is given by
IV, it’s considered 100% bioavailable because it goes straight into the bloodstream.

That’s because it has to pass through the stomach to get to your small
intestine, where it’s then picked up by the bloodstream and absorbed by the body.
And in passing through the stomach, often much of the supplement is destroyed by
stomach acid. So, when you’re taking a supplement in a capsule, the
bioavailability is already a lot less than 100%. But that’s only half the

“Getting curcumin into your cells is like trying to force a bowling ball through
a pinhole. It’s just not physically possible,” Mark said.

I was curious if the situation was the same with kanna. “Not
quite,” Mark told me. He explained that kanna can be absorbed by the body… but
only if you take it a certain way. You have to chew the dried stems and roots of the plant so that it
mixes with your saliva to be activated, then swallow that liquid.

“Because kanna can only be made available to the body by mixing it with
saliva, putting it into a capsule and swallowing it is a waste of time and money,” Mark

I felt deflated. Who in the world was going to want to chew on a bunch of hard, dry roots
and sticks? Was I going to have to go back to the drawing board again? This is
where things got really interesting… Mark told me he had spent the last few
years trying to solve the mystery of how to make the ingredients in natural supplements easier for the
body to absorb. He looked at some different methods for increasing absorption, but none of
them seemed to go far enough.

Nanotechnology (or “nano” for short) is the science of making
things smaller. It’s already been used for years in technology to make microchips smaller, and by
manufacturers to make industrial paints and coatings stronger, more vivid, and longer-lasting.

Now, this innovative scientist was applying nano to natural supplements. And the results
were mind-boggling. Using nano, he was able to take a natural ingredient like
curcumin and break it down into nanometer-sized particles. To give you an idea of the
size of these nanoparticles, a human hair is about 80,000 nanometers wide. Comparing
a nanometer to a meter is like comparing the size of golf ball to the size of the Earth.
In short, Mark said, they are really, really small.

Mark explained that supplements made with nano — what he called “
nanoceuticals ” — can take a poorly absorbed nutrient and break in into tens of
thousands of tiny nanoparticles… And, if taken in the right liquid form, a
nanoceutical is able to fully penetrate your cells. So, when you use this new discovery with

I could see now why he was so excited about this. This truly was a unique
health solution. But I was still a little confused.

“You say kanna can only be absorbed when the plant is chewed and mixed with
saliva. How does nano change that?” I asked Mark.

He explained that nanoceuticals come in a liquid solution that’s
taken by mouth. So, if kanna is made available as a nanoceutical, you
would take it by placing a few drops under your tongue, where it mixes with saliva, is swallowed and
is absorbed into the body… Then, the active ingredient goes right into your
bloodstream and is fed into your cells.

I thought for a minute about everything Mark had told

And my heart swelled at the thought of how many people this discovery could
help… People like Jean, who were occassionally struggling just to get out of bed
every day… Who from time to time labored under a heavy load of sadness and
pain… The idea that nanoceuticals could help lift that periodic load and
restore their happiness and energy was like a beacon from Heaven shining down upon me…
I felt like God was telling me what I should do next. I had to do whatever I
could to help get these products into people’s hands as quickly as possible. I
wanted to give people like Jean the kind of health support they’ve been praying for.

That’s why I started a company, one that I could trust and recommend to
friends and family.. One that uses this breakthrough discovery to help as many people as

Anointed Nutrition, a company dedicated to making
nanoceuticals that help people support their God-given health and well-being. We knew from
the start we were going to use a nano form of kanna, but he wanted Anointed Nutrition’s formula to be the absolute best on the market…

So we kept testing natural compounds to see which would enhance kanna’s
mood-maintaining effects even more. It took some trial and error, but we eventually narrowed
the ingredients down to kanna and two more excellent stress busters and mood lifters…
Then worked with the MIT-mentored scientist I mentioned earlier to convert each of
those ingredients into its most powerful nano form… And combine them into the
finished product that I’m delighted to present to you today…

These ingredients are converted into nano form so you can fully absorb and use them to
support a healthy response to stress… lift your mood and brighten your outlook… and
finally free yourself from that occassional nagging “black cloud” hanging over your
life. This solution is formulated and packaged in a liquid tincture you place under your
tongue and swallow for quick and easy absorption. The tincture we use has no funky smell,
texture, or taste… And it delivers the ingredients directly to your cells, bypassing
the digestive system completely.

First, you’ll feel a sense of calm and
lightness, like all your cares have been swept away… Then, you’ll notice that black cloud
that’s been following you around from time to time has started to lift. Things will start to look
brighter and clearer. You’ll find yourself jumping out of bed in the morning, eager to start
your day. Your daily
chores will seem effortless. You’ll pick up old hobbies that had stopped giving you pleasure, and
maybe even add a few new ones. And your sadness will fade away, replaced by joy and zest for life.

The best part is when other people start to notice. It was that way for Jean.
Within a few weeks of using Smile, Jean called me in tears… But this time
they were tears of joy.

“I just had to tell you how grateful I am,” she said.

“I wake up in the morning with such joy
now.” “I find myself singing
and dancing around the house with my husband and kids.” “And my daughter Mary just hugged me and told me how glad
she was to see me so happy.” Jean told me her husband was overjoyed at her
transformation… And he still found it hard to believe it was as simple for her as
taking a few drops of Smile once a day. “I
thank God for bringing Smile into my life,” Jean told me. “It truly is the answer to my prayers.”

We’ve worked hard to make Smile the best product of
its kind on the market…

With the mood-boosting, mind-balancing powers of kanna and these two bonus
nutrients, you’ll finally be able to shake that “black cloud” that shows up
from time to time and smothers all that joy and blissfulness in your life…And
she’s not the only one who’s been helped by Smile.
Megan E. says that her mother can hardly believe she’s the same person.

And Brian L. says Smile is helping him step off the emotional
rollercoaster. “After taking the Smile formula, I noticed a change in the way I
felt when dealing with my day-to-day life,” he says. “Little things that used to bother
me are minimized, and I feel much more at ease.” Every time I hear another person
rave about how they’ve been helped by Smile…
I say a prayer of thanks to God for leading me to this amazing solution. And
now it can be your turn.

But first, answer this question… and be honest.

Do you still feel periodic
bouts of sadness? Are there
times where you’re still wanting to stay in bed rather than face the day? Is there still that occassional
“black cloud” casting a shadow over every aspect of your life? Do you still have times where you find it
difficult to believe you’ll enjoy happiness or peace of mind? Are your friends and family still worrying
about your periodic low mood?

With the help of Smile, you can break free of the
chains of sadness pulling you down… And chase off that occasional
“black cloud.” You can live a life filled with gladness and
wonder… With a calm, balanced mind to appreciate all its many God-granted
joys. Your family and friends will be relieved to see you so happy…

While you’ll be able to enjoy their company so much more than before.
And today, I have some fantastic news for you. Because you have
proven how committed you are to supporting the bright mood and balanced mind God wants
for you…

But you need to act fast to get yours before we run out of stock.
There’s only so much Smile we can produce at one time.
And as word gets out about Smile … and people across the country are feeling its
wondrous benefits for themselves…
We tend to sell out… sometimes before we can fully satisfy demand. Which
means people who miss out have to wait for us to produce the next batch of Smile.

I’m being open with you about this because I really don’t want you to miss
out… Which is why we’re reserving the next batch for those who order through
this letter. As long as you’re one of the first people to order today, you’ll
get your bottle of Smile. And no, we will not charge you automatically every
month… we find that as irritating as you do. In fact, I’ve made sure you won’t be
charged again unless you place another order. But I urge you to be quick… because I
know every one of those bottles will be grabbed up in a flash.

We’ll get your order of Smile in the mail as soon as you
reserve it. It usually takes about 5-7 business days to arrive. When you get
that delivery, you’ll want to rip the package open so you can try Smile for yourself
right away.

So do it… Open the box and take out the bottle of Smile…
Then unscrew the dropper built into the bottle lid… And squeeze a few
drops under your tongue… You’ll barely notice a smell or taste… maybe a
hint of a cool mint… but nothing more. Hold the drops under your tongue for a
few seconds before swallowing. Then do it again every morning. Soon after that
first dose, you’ll notice a difference.

Your mind will feel calmer and clearer. Leaving you free to experience blissful
happiness and balanced well-being. Within weeks, friends and family will be telling you how
much calmer and happier you look… And I’m sure you’ll never want to be
without Smile again.

If you order today and through this website only…

With the biggest discount reserved for those who order 6 bottles of Smile
right now. So place your order for Smile by choosing the 6-bottle option or
one of the other options below… And enjoy the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing
you’ll be achieving your best mood and mental balance.

There’s absolutely no risk for trying Smile today… But
there’s huge reward waiting for you… The blessing of a bright, light mood and
calm, balanced mind… I’m convinced you’ll see amazing results.
People like Jean are living proof! But the best results come with long-term
use… When your results go from great to OUTSTANDING.

See, with continued use of Smile, you’ll feel so much happier, calmer and more
balanced… And that occasional sadness you’ve been feeling will ease…
Your family and friends will be astonished by the brighter, more carefree and relaxed
you… And you’ll get to enjoy the relief and happiness that comes from knowing
you’re no longer a source of worry for them.

So we’ve worked to make it as easy as possible for you to get the full benefit of
Smile. When you order today, you’ll be able to choose a 1-month, 3-month or 6-month

You’re welcome to select any option, but we’ve given you an even bigger
discount if you reserve your 6-month supply. That’s because I’m
committed to making sure you get the BEST results possible… just like Jean did.
And I want to make sure you don’t run out of Smile and have to wait for more to be
released. For these reasons, I recommend you get at least 3 bottles of Smile
today… And if you want to maintain the absolute best, most balanced mood and
mental well-being, go ahead and order 6 bottles. We absolutely won’t enroll you in an
automatic monthly billing program.

Choose your Smile option now and get started right away! You can gain an
incredibly balanced mind and and support coping with the occasional blues everyday life can bring for
what one monthly dinner at a mid-priced restaurant would cost you. So I strongly urge you to
claim at least one of those available bottles today. Click on the order button of your
choice right now.

I can’t wait to hear your success story, May God bless you,


Click here to get Anointed Nutrition Smile at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Anointed Nutrition Smile is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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