6 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship With Exercise

6 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship With Exercise


Aren’t we all pioneers of unhealthy relationships? Oops, sorry we didn’t mean to attack anyone like that. Juicy topic apart, we are going to talk about unhealthy relationships with fitness today! Now, this article is for someone who is in absolute love with their gym, like an obsessive lover, and never realized where to draw the line. Hey, hold on, if you’re not a workout-o-holic you don’t need to press the back button yet, give it a read (you won’t regret) and share it with your workout obsessed buddy. We all know one, right?

Your unhealthy fitness practices can burn you out, cause injuries, and even result in a messed up social and personal life. Fitness is meant to make your life better and not to exhaust you, neither cripple your mind with sadness or regret which many of us end up doing without even realizing it.

Following are the reasons why you need to really think about your fitness practices:

1. FOMW (Fear Of Missing Workout)

Yes, you’re right we just invented this term but isn’t it pretty legit? Most of us start feeling terrible for missing a workout even for a day. Do absurd thoughts start crossing your mind like what if I gain weight? What if I lose my muscles? What if I feel lethargic? We want you to calm your mind. Taking a break or missing out on your workout won’t be the end of the world (we promise) and besides, mental and social life is also as important as your physical health. Give yourself a break, healthy one! But ensure that you are consistent enough to get back the next day.

2. Overdoing Or Pushing The Limit

We all come across quotes on Instagram and gym walls that say “push your limit” or “darr ke aage jeet hai”. Well it comes with its own set of conditions that only an expert can tell. (That’s why we are here!) Over-doing any form of exercise won’t help you but only cause fatigue. For example, forcing yourself to do leg workout when you have a knee injury/issues is only going to worsen the situation. An unhealthy approach to exercise will make you more prone to an injury. So doing a couple of extra reps is totally alright and healthy but don’t pu(ni)sh yourself through pain and blood, it’s not fruitful. You can trust us.

3. Workout > Social life

The gym fanatics will agree that they prefer spending more time in the gym than with their friends or family. Well, we do agree that most people are a big-time disappointment and you often end up in a situation that makes you realize that working out was a better option. You need to balance your workout and social lifestyle in order to sustain more things in your life that bring joy. After all, you need people around you to appreciate your physique, don’t you?

4. Being Super Anti-calories

People often talk like burning calories is the only aim in their life and to be honest isn’t it annoying at times? Like we get it Karen, but can you stop talking about calories already and enjoy your birthday cake? Having a healthy lifestyle with sustainable habits are more important than  stopping yourself from enjoying little joys of life. Limit yourself, have a bite, shed it off on a treadmill and while you’re at it don’t shame someone else who enjoys calorie indulgence more than you.

5. Measuring Your Self-worth Only On Weighing Scales

Social media has over-hyped perfect sculpted bodies so much that it has become a measuring scale to judge a person’s beauty quotient. Yes, a sculpted body is always the result of hard work and dedication but things that define a person as a whole, is much more than merely a sculpted body. If you’re working out only to look better than someone else, get more likes on social media, or to be sure that your partner keeps on finding you attractive, let us give you a very important piece of advice – it’s time you care for your worth and your self more than these fragile appreciations, you are worthy the way you are.

6. Binge Eating Shed Off

In contrast to what we mentioned above in ‘anti-calories’, these people are slightly different but are equally in unhealthy relationships with the workout. Binge eating delicious junk food for dinner and working out frantically the next morning in a hope to shed it just not the right direction to get healthy. Sadly, you can call this a millennial trend – this entire cycle only leads to fatigue because your body doesn’t get enough nutrition from the junk binge and above that you overexert your body with over workout. Charge your relationship with food and maintain a sustainable habit that lasts. We don’t suggest you roll your eyes every time you see french fries or a dollop of desserts – instead, enjoy in moderation so that you don’t have to regret the next moment and punish yourself later.

Staying healthy and fit is not about a size zero body – it’s more about building sustainable eating habits, workout routine and enjoying the journey without a speck of regret while you are at it. If you are in an unhealthy relationship with fitness, you are facing issues with unsustainability with your eating and fitness habits. What is more important that brings you results you want is a flexible approach towards fitness, establishing sustainable healthy habits, and indulging in occasional binging too – you need to take the right way but you should know what’s the right way. So, if you are this person, now is the time to realize and put things in order. Or if you know someone who’s going through any of these symptoms, share this article with them, talk to them and let’s make fitness more fun and efficient. Until next time, stay strong! 


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