Could Tea Help You Lose Weight?

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Could tea help you lose weight?

Is it serious?


Tea is consumed around the world.White to black, green to oolong, there are hundreds of varieties.All of them contain high levels of health-promoting substances called flavonoids.So, they may help reduce inflammation and prevent conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

What about weight loss with tea?

You aren’t likely to get back into your skinny jeans by drinking this herbal brew every day.When combined with a sensible diet and exercise, tea may help you lose a very small amount of weight.Switching from a mocha latte to a cup of tea with lemon will remove nearly 300 calories from your daily intake.A flavonoid in tea called catechins may help your body burn fat faster and boost your metabolism.Additionally, the caffeine in many teas causes your body to burn more calories.Together, these two compounds are probably the most effective for weight loss.As you lose weight, tea might prevent the metabolism slowdown that occurs after losing a few pounds.Camellia sinensis is the root plant of all tea types.Each tea is a little different because of how the leaves are processed.

1 Black Tea

Iced tea is usually made with this type of tea, which is often served in Chinese restaurants.The process of fermentation allows it to change chemically and often results in a higher caffeine content.You can taste the strong flavor of the tea.Experts don’t know whether it will help you lose weight.However, studies of rats suggest that polyphenols in black tea may prevent fat from being absorbed in the intestines.Be careful what you put in your tea, though.The English way of drinking black tea — with milk — may weaken its fat-blocking properties.

2 Green Tea

This tea is not fermented.It is steamed before being crushed by hand.

Catechins of the most potent type, EGCG, are abundant in it.People who drank green tea enhanced with catechins or took an EGCG-rich green tea extract lost a modest amount of weight (about 3 pounds over 3 months).You would need to consume six to seven cups of green tea a day to get the same amount of EGCG used in the study.Green tea supplements can be dangerous.Some weight-loss supplements contain high levels of tea extracts, which can cause serious liver damage.

3 Oolong Tea

The leaves of tea are dried under the sun to make this tea.Catechins are abundant in it, just like in green tea.A study found that oolong tea can help overweight people lose 2.2 pounds and trim belly fat over six weeks when they drink it every day. 

Tea may even help you lose weight if you drink a few cups a day.However, do not expect miracles to arise from a tea cup.Changing one’s diet and exercising are essential if one wishes to lose weight.